Population: 6,320
50% Halfling, 33% Humans, 10% Gnomes, 3% Elves, 2% Half-Elves, 2% Orcs

A Small Imperial city located in the North East region of Arakahn. Due to the close proximity of the Gnome nation of Glittershard, Arlo’s architecture has adapted and evolved over the years to resemble Gnomeish design.

Arlo and Glittershard have been on great terms for many years, bolstering the caravans that frequent the Imperial City of Arlo. However, ever since the law Non Arcanis was passed, many wonder if the Gnomes will continue to see Arlo and the Empire as a friend due to the Arlo Wizard Tower being forced to shut down. The tower is now home to the Imperial militia in the area and has since raised alarm with the Gnomes as to why the Empire would feel the need to strengthen its defense.

The Countess of Arlo, Evalene Yeaman has responded to the worry that the Halflings of Bella have found it difficulty raising their Jimfruit orchards due to the creatures who continue to attack from the Kadrith Mountains.


Arakahn: Land of Heroes Untamed