Arakahn: Land of Heroes

Roughly every 400 years or so a great scourge threatens to extinguish the light of life within the lands of Arakahn. Armies of grotesque warriors referred to as the Orcai have poured forth from the earth and have even been known to invade the land through magical portals known as Shadow Gates.

These invasions have been recorded three times, and are known as the Shadow Wars, the times when Arakahn caught a glimpse of what the end would look like. Many are thankful for the Empire for ending the last Shadow War, and it is because of the Empire’s impressive counter attack that ended the war that many happily live under Imperial rule. King Karlegmane IV, ruler of the Empire, united the races of Arakahn in the darkest of times and drove back the armies of the Shadow.

While the land of Arakahn enjoys peace for now, every scholar of the Great War will attest that heroes and diligence are still very much needed. As the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Under the happiness and veil of peace, there is still much evil.

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Arakahn: Land of Heroes