Count Canis Eniugnas

The non-imperial count of Tenincrad, and widower to the assassinated Countess Victoria.


Race: Human Hair: Dark Gray Eyes: Dark Blue Skin: White Gender: Male


Canis is the only non-imperial city ruler within the Empire except for the Barbarian lord Malkar of Ergon. The King was said to be so impressed with Canis and his display of leadership that he allowed him to continue to rule over Tenincrad upon its addition to the Empire.

Before becoming an Imperial City, Tenincrad was part of the three regions of Easthold, a Kingdom comprising of three noble families, one of which were the Eniugnas house. While each region of Easthold slowly fell under Imperial reign, Tenincrad was the last, and the Count respectively vowed his allegiance to King Karlegmane.

Non Arcanus was quickly adopted into Tenincrad law, and the Count wasted no time in executing renegade Mages found within its walls. This became a bloody return of attacks by several mage groups which eventually grew to an attack of assassins which took the life of Tenincrad’s beloved Countess, Victoria. The attack was said to have wounded Canis himself, and if it were not for the quick action of his guards along with his herbalists, the Count would of been killed as well.

The attack was well planned it seemed and poison was the instrument that took Victoria’s life. Count Eniugnas was said to have been wounded with the same poisoned blade that killed his wife, but many speculate it only fueled his hatred towards Mages as he quickly retaliated by ordering the public burning of captured Mages on the streets of Tenincrad.

The Count has since created a special elite force of his own version of the Venators, which have been so effective that they have earned the King’s personal permission to police the region’s arcane threats without Venator interference. This has angered Prince Lucien, founder of the Imperial Venators, yet he has respectively rumored to have not contested his father’s decision.

Count Canis Eniugnas

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