Count Corvan Ferris

The Count and appointed ruler of Avendale "The Trade City"


Race: Human
Hair: Balding, Peppered
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Dark Tan
Gender: Male


It is no secret of Count Corvan’s infidelity to his much younger wife, Kali, but in the city of barter and trade, it seems even marriage vows can be haggled.

The Count seems to favor elvish women, as most of his servants are as such, and before the Empire ceased Elf Slavery, the Ferris family were successful Elf slavers. Corvan enjoys many pleasures now, and in addition to women, he is known to visit the Imperial Arena in Creland often to wager on his favorite gladiators.

Corvan is proud of Avendale, which he often refers to as “The city of trade” or “Barter Town”. The appointed Merchant Guild within the city oversees the businesses operating within the city limits and handles many of the disputes that may arise. This Independence leaves the Count to enjoy the finer things in life to which he even boasts that the city could very well run itself.

News of this lackluster leadership has rumored to have upset the King but no visible consequence has stemmed from Count Ferris’s audacious behavior. Even the Count’s wife seems to turn a blind eye and many account to the amount of coin that passes through Avendale as the reason for the Count’s unquestioned freedom.

Count Corvan Ferris

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