Countess Delphia Tremont

Countess of Shilmata, and wife to Count Revis Tremont.


Race: Human
Hair: Grayish Light Brown
Eyes: Left eye – Amber, Right eye – Dark Green
Skin: White
Gender: Female


Misery loves company it seems, and this speaks true with the Countess Delphia’s marriage with Count Revis Tremont. Unhappy with her husband’s appointed rule over the city of Shilmata, Delphia has rumored to have encouraged her husband to participate in the Arena tournaments held in Creland to gain pull with the other Imperial Nobles and families.

Delphia has been seen attending many of the arena battles, even without the accompaniment of the Count. This gives weight to the rumor she may have encouraged Revis to bring forth his prized gladiator, Turoc, to fight for glory in the Tremont’s name.

Although rarely seen smiling, Delphia seems to dress festively and is commonly seen wearing a purple gold trimmed cloak when attending the arena battles.

Countess Delphia Tremont

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