Countess Evalene Yeaman

Countess of Arlo and widow of Count Tanris Yeaman


Race: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White, Pale
Gender: Female


Evalene, youngest of the Nobleman Devis Strongwinter’s four daughters, was given to the Imperial Count Tanris Yeaman to help rule over the city of Arlo. However, the Count quickly fell ill and many were surprised of how naturally the young Countess stepped in as the city’s ruler. In many ways, the Countess proved to be more successful in addressing issues within the region that the Count had fallen short in. For example, city militia’s patrol routes were extended which in turn lowered attacks on Gnome caravans coming from Glittershard, and a city merchant’s treaty was signed resolving a long feud between merchant families.

King Karlegmane himself has expressed his personal gratitude of Evalene’s accomplishments and entrusts in her judgement regarding city affairs. However, it is no secret that there was little choice when the King appointed additional militia within Arlo’s walls with little explanation as to why. This increase in military presence has raised alarm with Arlo’s long respected ally the Gnomes, and Evalene has been struggling to ease the tensions.

Recent negotiations are rumored to explain that the militia increase was enacted as a result of recent attacks on the nearby Halfling nation of Bella, but the Gnomes have reported the Arlo militia was increasing in patrol long before the Bella attacks.

Countess Evalene Yeaman

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