Count Greggis Von Tarkan

Count of Korhal, an Imperial city neighboring the Kadrith Dwarven Mountains.


Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Dark Tan
Gender: Male


The Count is a very active man, and for being a noble, he is not against getting dirty. Greggis Von Tarkan is a skilled hunter, and most of his banquets are supplied by the catch of the day by the Count. The Count has also won many competitions including the archery tournament featured in the Arena each year at Creland.

Loved by the Korhal citizens, the Count is often seen with his wife, the beautiful Countess Zella Von Tarkan who features exotic looks apparently due to her origins of being born on the island of Tremau, an island south of Arkahn.

Greggis also fancies good music and honey mead which explains his usual attendance with his wife at the city of Lantern’s yearly festival featuring their most skilled Bards. During this time, he often appoints temporary ruler ship to his chief adviser, Septor Edenshade, an adviser that has once served on the royal council in Creland.

Count Greggis Von Tarkan

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