Countess Kali Ferris

Young Countess of Avendale, and wife to the unfaithful Count Corvan Ferris


Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned
Gender: Female


The young and beautiful Kali has endured repeated acts of infidelity by her much older husband, Count Corvan Ferris. Many have questioned why she has been so forgiving, but some whisper it could point toward the fact that the Countess originated from a family that possessed little and desired much.

It could also be the poor upbringing and origins of the Countess that explain her thirst for royal interaction as she sits in on many of the Count’s meetings with city officials. Lady Kali is often seen adorned with an abundance of jewelry and wears only the finest of clothing. Her favorite color to flaunt with her dresses is blue.

Whether out of fear for his own taste of misplaced affection, or simply an act of over-protectiveness, the Count often appoints a large number of soldiers to accompany the Countess when she decides to visit the city merchant ward.

The Countess has recently been spotted visiting outside the city keep more often than usual, many townsfolk are starting to question if the unfaithfulness only belongs to the Count.

Countess Kali Ferris

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