King Duncan Karlegmane IV

Imperial King and ruler of Arakahn


Race: Human
Hair: Bald (formerly light brown)
Eyes: Grey Blue
Skin: White, light tan
Gender: Male


All throughout King Karlegmane the fourth’s reign there has been war. Battles between the Empire and the formerly savage Jevan Barbarian Clan, coupled with the Great March skirmishes of the Kadrith Dwarven Kingdom are testimony to the King’s unwavering leadership. However, it was the unification treaties that ceded territories to former foes and gained the Empire allies to battle the last Orcai Invasion that tested the King’s rule.

The Empire did not emerge unscathed, but the Orcai forces were destroyed along with their portals which were found to have brought previous recorded Shadow invasions to the land. Many sages account that King Karlegmane’s counter attack was the most successful in terms of casualties against the Orcai in all of recorded history.

Even after driving back the Orcai, the King did not stop in his quest to protect his legacy when he passed the law, Non-Arcanus, the Imperial law deeming arcane magic “Tool of the Orcai” and considered illegal to practice. Information that arcane magic was responsible for previous Orcai destruction and linked to the Shadow portals was rumored to have been given to the King by his trusted advisers.

While the Kingdom of Arakahn reigns with more allies and territories than ever in Imperial rule, King Karlegmane tirelessly oversees the hunt for any rebellious mages who continue to practice arcane magic. It is this very reason that many believe the King has appointed his two sons, Liam and Lucien, in charge of their own cities so that he can focus on ridding Arakahn of renegade mages.

King Duncan Karlegmane IV

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