Prince Liam Allastair Karlegmane

The youngest Karlegmane prince, and ruler of the city of Lantern.


Race: Human
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: Light Tan
Gender: Male


Founder of the Minstrel Messengers of Royal Parcel Guild (MMORPG), Prince Liam has also been dubbed as Prince of the Bards. Being a skilled Lute, Flute, and Drum player, Liam seems just as well as a skilled diplomat as he is a musician.

The Prince is also very good friends with Count Greggis Von Tarkan, the Imperial ruler of Korhal City, and the two celebrate their friendship every year during the festivals in Lantern. Liam is very loyal to his father, but does not always agree to the harsh punishments carried down by the Venators enforcing Non-Arcanus. This disagreement has often led him to clash with his older brother, Prince Lucien Karlegmane who oversees the Venators in Mercadia.

Being Lantern’s appointed Count and ruler, Liam does not get to do as much traveling as he would like, but he often uses his MMORPG bards to relay letters as a way to visit the far away regions of the Empire.

Prince Liam Allastair Karlegmane

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