Prince Lucien Karlegmane

The eldest of the Karlegmane princes, and ruler of the city of Mercadia.


Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Blue
Skin: Pale White
Gender: Male


While his father enacted Non Arcanus, Prince Lucien enforced it by founding the Venators, a force of elite soldiers skilled to hunt and kill Mages. Prince Lucien takes his duties as an Imperial prince very seriously as well as being a Cleric of the Empire.

It is often that Lucien even leaves his comforts of his Mercadia Keep and accompanies his Venator patrols. Many tell tales of Lucien himself personally handing down justice to those that would dare transgress Non Arcanus in his presence.

While many fear Prince Lucien’s bold authority, he is also widely respected and revered as being the Empire’s protector against the Mages.

Love for the prince has also grown after he has announced he will soon marry, and all await who he has chosen to sit next to on the throne.

Prince Lucien Karlegmane

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