Baron Malkar of the Vorn Clan, Collector of Scars, and the Barbarian Lord

Barbarian Lord of Ergon, and well known Warrior of the Jevan skirmishes


Race: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin: Light Brown – covered in scars
Gender: Male


Malkar is said to have a story for every scar worth listening to, if only one was brave enough to ask the intimidating Ergonian Barbarian who stands at a massive 6 foot 4 inches. Malkar is rarely seen without his trusted and equally feared Greatsword, “War-Reaver”, and is often adorned with furs from the “Winter Demons”, Dire Sabre Tooth Tigers that frequent Ergon lands.

Ergon became an Imperial City after the Warrior Treaty was signed between the Empire and the Uri-Vorn Clans. This treaty offered Imperial assistance to driving the Jevan Barbarian clan from Ergon lands which in return meant the Barbarians would be called on to fight for the Empire against the Orcai during the last Shadow invasion.

This granted Malkar, a Vorn clan leader already, officially Imperial ruler of Ergon. This seems to have been the extent to the Imperial influence the Empire has had over Ergon, as Malkar still rules the city very much like a Barbarian. There are no visible guardsman or militia, as the entire city of Ergon is said to be comprised of warriors. Crime is punished on the spot without trial and while it is an Imperial city, outsiders to the Uri and Vorn clans rarely visit. This separation to the rest of the Imperial cities appeases the Baron lord of Ergon.

Baron Malkar of the Vorn Clan, Collector of Scars, and the Barbarian Lord

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