Count Martus Atticus

The Count and ruler of the Imperial City Darkan


Race: Human
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Gender: Male


Martus is a fair ruler and often described as very approachable by the Darkan people. Darkan, was formerly known as Edworth, largest of the Halfling nations. After the last invasion of Orcai and Shadow spawn, Edworth fell leaving the Imperials room to expand. Darkan being the newest addition to the Empire, still features many Halfling influences in both building architecture and customs.

Martus does his best to appease the neighboring Imperial province of Ergon to the North, but the Barbarian Baron Malkar does not share the same neighborly manners. It has been many of time that those wishing to flee from Darkan laws will travel north to Ergon where it is known that Imperial rule does not always follow by script.

Martus relies on the counsel of his advisers and his wife, the Countess Serene who seems much more knowledgeable in arbitrating disputes with the combative Ergon ruler.

Count Atticus regularly revisits Halfling lore and holds celebrations for his citizens. Yellow and gold are undoubtedly the Count’s favorite colors as it seems the only colors Martus chooses to wear.

Count Martus Atticus

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