Count Revis Tremont

The Count of Shilmata, City of the Monk Monastary and former home to the Wizard Academy.


Race: Human
Hair: Silver Gray
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin: Light Tan
Gender: Male


Revis is of the oldest Counts alive in the Empire, just years younger than the King himself, but age has seemingly been very kind to the Count of Shilmata. Revis enjoys his rule over Shilmata, but preferred to have been appointed over the city of Tenincrad when it was brought under Imperial rule. Instead, the King allowed a non-imperial nobleman, Canis Eniugnas to be the Count. This has left Revis very bitter towards his northern neighbor, and it is often that Revis clashes with the Tenincrad count over many things that others would overlook.

Revis also detests the lack of authority granted onto him over the Monastary that sits within his city. Nonetheless, Revis is described as being very loyal to the Empire and seems fair in his rulings over Shilmata. Revis is also well liked by Prince Lucien and in return, the Count has been very accommodating to Venator investigations.

It is also widely known that the Count was one of the Imperial Arena’s greatest supporters and has supplied many entertaining battles from his collection of Orc slaves. Revis plans to pit his finest warrior, Turoc, against an uprising slave supplied by Corvan Ferris, the Count of Avendale.

Count Revis Tremont

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