Countess Serene Atticus

Countess of Darkan and wife to Count Martus Atticus.


Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Gender: Female


Serene, like her husband the Count, is surprisingly congenial for an Imperial noble. Her smile is often described as disarming, and it is no surprise that she is often the first Darkan citizens go to when they need noble arbitration. This does not seem to bother Count Martus, and Serene seems very naturally comfortable in handling day to day duties of a Darkan ruler but no one appears to question the authority of the Count.

A statue of Serene currently sits unfinished near the Darkan keep’s garden as Serene is often seen tending to her beloved flowers. The Halfling sculptor, Raffen Stonescribe, has had to postpone the sculpture to travel southwards to Shilmata for the renovation of the stonework defenses there.

Countess Serene Atticus

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