Countess Zella Von Tarkan

Countess of Korhal, wife of Count Greggis Von Tarkan and immigrant from the island Tremau.


Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Dark Brown
Gender: Female


Zella met her husband Greggis when she was just a young girl still living on the island of Tremau, a tropical island south of Arakahn. Greggis was so stunned by the grace and beauty of her people that he offered her a life of royalty to which her family happily agreed. When she was of age proper for an Imperial marriage, she was delivered to the Count in Korhal along with her immediate family who have since returned back to Tremau.

Zella often wears her hair in elegant braids, and still wears clothing akin to her people of Tremau. She seems well educated, often accompanying her husband when he is not hunting or attending to royal duties. When once asked if she ever misses her home, she simply smiled and replied, “Arakahn is my home”.

Zella often attends her husband’s banquets where many have learned her to be a great dancer, to which the Count happily boasts to be one of the many things he has taught her.

Countess Zella Von Tarkan

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