Character Creation Rules

These are the general guidelines to creating characters for the Arakahn: Land of Heroes Campaign.

1.) Game system used is 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons with the following books:

- Players Handbook

- Dungeon Master’s Guide

- Monster Manual
If there is a sourcebook you are fond of and it’s not “How to create a munchkin” it will probably be allowed upon persuasive cookie promises with the DM.

2.) Player character’s attribute generation using one of the following options:

- Roll 4d6, dropping the lowest, and repeating six times. If rolls generate unsatisfactory scores, you have the choice to re-roll all six rolls again one last time.

- 32 Point Buy:





3.) Characters start at 1st level, any class is allowed (provided it’s found in the Player’s Handbook of course), as well as any race (Just know that Elves, Orcs, Druids, Mages, and Sorcerers are disliked in many parts of Arakahn).

*4.) Your character received their training in a certain town within Arakahn. Depending on which town you choose to be the origins of your character, certain bonuses will be applied. Consult the following towns and their bonuses here: starting cities

5.) If you invest 4 skill ranks towards any class knowledge skill, your character will begin the game with a quest of their own. This quest will yield bonus experience points upon completing. Every knowledge skill has its own quest. Yes, this even includes the architecture knowledge skill.

6.) I welcome background information on your character but it’s not necessary. Your character will develop as you play, come with a blank-back story, and you will learn your character as we go.

For those that wish to create their characters on the PC, here’s a link to Heroforge’s 3.5 Character Generator:

Helpful Tips About Playing Certain Classes

Some classes might seem hard to play due to the hatred towards magic and the conflicting natures of two classes (example: a Venator Paladin vs. an outlaw Mage). No matter what class or race you play, it’s up to the GM to make it work.

We can work out a reason how the group gets a long. A Venator Arbiter (Paladin, aka. “Mage Hunter”) could still exist in a group with a known Blood Mage. Perhaps the Paladin doesn’t agree to the Non-Arcanis law. Sure they were trained to hunt down Mages because they are evil, but somewhere along the way the Paladin has learned that this law doesn’t always apply, and the nature of a Mage isn’t determined by their abilities in the arcane.

Maybe the Paladin was at one time ordered to burn down a house full of Mages only to find out that there were children inside as well. This action forever haunts him and he has actually sided with Mages to change the ways of the law.

Character Creation Rules

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