Below is the list of Cities within the Empire. You may also want to visit the “Places of Note” section to learn of other interesting places to visit in the land of Arakahn.


Glittershard, home to the Gnomes, has been on good terms with the City of Arlo for many years now. It is because of this relationship that Arlo’s architecture is obviously influenced by Gnome design. However, ever since the law Non Arcanis was passed, many wonder if the Gnomes will continue to see Arlo and the Empire as a friend due to the Arlo Wizard Tower being forced to shut down. The tower is now home to the Imperial militia in the area and has since raised alarm with the Gnomes as to why the Empire would feel the need to strengthen its defense. The Countess of Arlo, Evalene Yeaman has responded to the worry that the Halflings of Bella have found it difficulty raising their Jimfruit orchards due to the creatures who continue to attack from the Kadrith Mountains.


Known as the “Trade City” or “Bartertown”, Avendale is host to one of the largest festivals of the year referred to as the “Dale Fest” which merchants from all over Arakahn collect to trade and sell. Avendale, even without the Dale Fest, is undisputedly the largest Trade City of the Empire. It is said if truly want something, it can be found in Avendale for a price. The town of Jacobi also rests nearby the city where the Halflings tend to their Jimfruit fields. Avendale is ruled by Count Corvan Ferris and his much younger Countess Kali Ferris.


The Capital City Creland, home to the Imperial Castle, and to King Duncan Karlegmane. Creland rests at the center of the Human Empire, just south of the Caelestis Gulf. In the last Shadow War, Creland was the great wall that prevented the waves of dark invasion from reaching the Eastern parts of Arakahn. A momument depicting an Imperial knight with his raised shield being swarmed by Shadow Minions stands as reminder and testament to the Empire’s strength in the Royal Quarter of Creland. Ever since King Carlegmane’s rule, the Arena has been reopened and continues to entertain those wishing to see the competitions.


Formely known as the Nation of Edworth, one of the largest of the Halfling Nations, Darkan came to be after the last Shadow War was won by the Empire. Darkan has quickly become known for its farming and trading, but the shortage of Jimfruit in the area has turned trader caravans more towards the East. Darkan also is home to the Daigen Mercenary Guild, which is ran by the Daigen family and currently owned by Darwin Daigen. “Fighters for Hire” is their slogan but rumors that they are more assassins than fighters persist in the nearby towns. Darkan is ruled by Count Martus Atticus and Countess Serene Atticus.


Before Imperial rule, the Ergon nation was home to a brutal savage Barbarians who were known as the Jevan Clan. The Jevans met their end when two other clans, the Uri, and the Vorn allied with the Empire to drive the blood thirsty Jevans from their nation. After which, the Warrior Treaty was signed which granted reign over Ergon, now a city under Imperial rule. Ergon is ruled by Baron Malkar from the Vorn clan and often referred to as the Barbarian Lord. Even though Ergon is under the Empire rule, much of what transpires on in the City of Ergon and outlying villages is left up to the Baron to decide. Perhaps the lack in royal attention stems from an unofficial clause in the Warrior Treaty.


The Dwarves of the Kadrith Mountains have been rumored to regret the clause under the treaty they signed during the Great Shadow War as it has left them to tolerate Korhal Miners in certain areas of their mountains. Naturally, Korhal has been known for its stone crafts and quarries. While surface dwelling Dwarves have been known to aid in the architechture of the City, to claim Korhal to resemble a Dwarven City is a long stretch. Korhal is also home to the great Mage Massacre where the Venators chased a band of Renegade Mages from Lantern to the City of Korhal where they were eventually killed in the streets. Korhal is governed by Count Greggis Von Tarkan and Countess Zella Von Tarkan.


Home to the Minstrel Messengers of Royal Parcel Guild and known for its port trading. The City of Lantern found its name during the last Shadow War when the armies of the East allied together and marched through the Empire all carrying lanterns to ward off the dark armies. The City of Lantern is ruled by Carlegmane’s youngest son, Prince Liam.


If there is ever a city a Mage should fear to show their face, it would be the City of Mercadia. Home to the Venators and Imperial Arbiters, the city has been rightly dubbed “City of the Mage Hunters”. King Carlegmane’s eldest son, Prince Lucien rules over Mercadia, and has vowed to hunt every Mage, Witch, Shaman, and Warlock to ensure the Shadow armies never return to Arakahn. The former Wizard tower that practiced Divination in Mercadia has now been the Headquarters to the Venators ever since the last Shadow War.


Formerly home to the great Wizard Academy, the City of Shilmata is now responsible for guarding the tombs and objects of arcane deemed dangerous by Non Arcanis law. The Academy is now a Monastary to the Monks of the Sixth Ways, and graveyard to many arcane relics that were feared to be too dangerous to destroy. The Monks guard the Monastary with their life, and eventually seek to transcend into Masters where they will undergo the Passage of Shadow, a ritual that involves the removal of their eyes and to be cast into the lower levels of the Monstary where they will forever guard the Arcane. While the Monstary of Monks is a focus to many travelers of Shilmata, the City also houses great Taverns and shops which caravans make use of during their trek across Arakahn. Count Revis Tremont along Countess Delphia Tremont rule of the City of Shilmata, and seemingly hold no reign over the Monstary.


While the Imperial Venators patrol many of the Empire’s cities, Tenincrad has been known to be avoided by Venator patrols due to the request made by Count Canis Eniugnas. King Carlegmane honors this request as it seems the City of Tenincrad, as well as Count Eniugnas are very effective at handling and hunting Mages. Tenincrad even has its own elite soldiers dedicated to hunting the renegade Wizards and are rumored to be more effective than the Venators, which Prince Lucien finds to be highly insulting. While attacked during the last Shadow War, Tenincrad’s buildings are in great shape despite their age. Count Eniugnas rules the City alone ever since his wife, Countess Victoria and him were attacked during a banquet by a band of assassins. The poison laced on the blades of their attackers overwhelmed the Countess, but many say it only fueled the Count’s hatred of Mages. The last Mage execution thought to be connected to the assassination attempt was publicly tortured and gruesomely killed as an example of the Count’s vengenance.


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