Savages exist on the farthest points of Arakahn, but when one refers to a Barbarian, they are referencing the hardened folk of the Northwest. In the cold snowy tundra of Ergon, Barbarian tribes battle for food and survival. Two promiment tribes exist, the Vorn, who seem to dominate most of Ergon, and the Uri clan. The two factions have always known to clash in the past, and today exists under very tense relations.

Barbarians who travel out of Ergon usually find themselves as Fighters in the Imperial Arena, or as mercenaries as they normally do not have the skillset to fit in anywhere else. Scribes attest this to the fact that the common Ergon Barbarian does not know how to read and write Loqué, the common lanaguage of Arakahn.


The Minstrel Messenger of Royal Parcel Guild or MMORPG was created shortly after the Imperial law, Non-Arcanis was enacted. The Bards are relied on for the communication between Imperial city nobles and neighboring nations and generally undertake the deliveries of other parcel for even common-folk.

Besides being messengers and couriers, Bards are also trained in entertainment which they usually use to fill their purses in between trips. Bards are generally welcomed in any City as they bring news of the world. There have been rumors that there has been a rise in Mages posing as Bards. As Venators have demonstrated in public executions, not even Bards of the guild are safe from Non-Arcanis should they choose to practice Arcane magic.


It is believed that Dieities or “Idols” of power exist in our dreams. Those that master the dream world or are chosen by these gods are considered to be touched by the dream world. Clerics vary from one to another, but each share the characteristic of being able to cast divine spells. Their healing abilities are sought after especially during Jimfruit shortages, and evil Clerics are feared almost as much as a Mage.

Drug use is also a growing trend amongst Clerics, the effects of the trance like state seems to enhance the Cleric’s abilities but the more Pious of the following refuses to partake in this activity.


Once thought to be a highly respected, the Druid is now thought to be no different than that of a Mage. While Scribes have found that the magic wielded by a Druid is not Arcane, Venators as well as the laws of Non-Arcanis label the “witchcraft” of the Druids to resemble the Shadow arts of Orcai Shamans who attacked in the previous three Shadow Wars.

Druids now a days care not for the laws of the city or for the Empire as they are content in living in their peaceful groves and forests. Most Druids seem to have a loose affiliation with each other that follows a form of conduct adopted from the ancient Druidic order, “Circle of the Ward”. The typical Druid in Arakahn generally travels in pairs, a master, and a student. Meetings with other Druids occur generally every changing of the season. Much gossip implies this is when Druids perform infant sacrifice or other Shadow related dark arts.


From the Arena, to the Legion of the Empire, the role of a Fighter can be found in many different forms. Fighters differ from one another, and many are hired as mercenaries for the Daigen Guild or even pursue a career as a Mage Hunter for the Imperial Venators. The Arena, which can be found in the Imperial City of Creland, has shown even the strongest of Fighters eventually become outdated to a new skillset. However, as long as a weapon is crafted, there will always be need and abundance of Fighters in the land of Arakahn.


Monks of the Six Ways have existed in the Arakahn for many ages. They have generally tasked themselves with guarding items of worth and choose to live simply in order to hone their skills. Now that the law Non Arcanis exists, they have chosen to guard the relics and artifacts of the former Wizard Academy which now serves as their Monastary. Generally a Monk does not choose to travel, but those that have found the Monastary life too restricting on their studies of the body, may find what they seek through travel.


Imperial Venator Arbiters are highly trained Mage Hunters who tirelessly hunt Witches and Sorcerors throughout the Empire. While Mages fear and loathe these hunters, the common folk revere the Arbiters as Paladins who protect the land from the Shadows. All Venator Arbiters are trained to detect magic and are trained in ways in battling as well as spotting a Mage.

The Imperial Venator’s headquarters exist in the City of Mercadia. However, Venator patrols operate all throughout the Empire.


Hunters and skilled trackers are all known to be Rangers. However, the more skilled will seek out to learn the ways of the Druid to improve. A common characteristic of a veteran Ranger is the accompanying animal companion who has imprinted onto the Ranger. While each Ranger varies, many share the thirst for the hunt and often find themselves employed as hunters for the Empire.


Anyone can be a thief, but those that wear the title rogue are much more than just pickpockets. The Brotherhood of Copper, a well known guild for skilled rogues, continually works in the shadows of the Empire to further fill their purses with coin. While no two rogues are alike, many share the desire to profit and are adept at disappearing without a trace.


Witches and Warlocks are often the name given to a Sorcerer, which is essentially anyone who is born with magical ability. While the majority of Sorcerers are born outside of the Imperial Cities, scribes suggest that the statistics may be skewed as not all Sorcerer births are reported due to the Non-Arcanis penalties for being one. The life of a Sorcerer is a difficult one, as most don’t realize they are gifted (or more commonly thought to be cursed) with magical ablilities until their late adolescent years. By this time, their behavior and abilities have already clued in the local Venator patrol in which they have been already punished.

Sorcerers who go unreported and luckily enough to survive are generally cast out from their families in shame or out of fear for retribution by the local militia.


The term Wizard is considered to be an archaic term in Arakahn as it refers back when the practice of the Arcane was legal. Wizards would study in the Academy and toil away at spell weaving in their towers. Ever since the last Shadow Invasion, practicing Wizardy and the study of magic has been forbidden. The punishment by the law Non Arcanis is usually death. Wizards who continue to practice magic are now referred to as Mages, Warlocks, Witches, or even Shadow Spawn.

Unlike the Sorcerers of Arakahn, Wizards have the choice to practice magic. Most do so knowing they are breaking the Imperial law, and most make use of Illusionary magic to hide their abilities from the Imperial Venators. While Magic has been known to corrupt and damage those who use it, Wizards have often reorted to using Blood Magic to circumvent the harmful effects of using Mana.


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