Some believe the stories of Druids who kidnap children and control hordes of plague ridden beasts to be nothing more than fairy tales. Yet many fear the deep forests of Arakahn, where it is believed Blighters dwell in their caves and bogs plotting their next attack on the Empire. It is reported that Blighters may have aided in the last Orcai invasion that destroyed the Hammerfell Dwarven Kingdom along with the Edworth Halfling nation.

Brotherhood of Copper

Many guilds exist that put to use a pickpocket’s skill in stealth and subterfuge, but the largest widely known Thieve’s Guild would be the Brotherhood of Copper. The Guild has apparently operated for centuries, and stems back to an ancient order thought to have been responsible for eventually placing the Westhold nobles in power.

Circle of Thorns

Rumored to be allied with the Brotherhood of Copper, and the Renegade Mages who rebel Non Arcanis, this feared order of assassins are well known throughout the Empire. Merchant campfires along the caravan trade routes are filled with stories telling of the shadowy figures that can scale castle walls and slit nobleman’s throats. These tales are not just rumors of the assassin’s abilities it seems, for it is the Count of Tenincrad that was nearly killed in a brutal attack upon his manor’s banquets. The Assassins ultimately failed in killing their target, but not before slaying the Countess, Victoria Eniugnas. A Rose left at the scene of an assassination is a well known calling card of the order.

Daigen Guild: Fighters for Hire

A family of former Westhold nobles, the Daigen clan operates a successful Fighters guild in the city of Darkan. The guild features a roster of active members within its ranks, but also contracts outside mercenaries when needed. Barbarians who know little else than combat often find themselves venturing down from Ergon to earn coin in mercenary work with the Daigen Guild.

Minstrel Messengers of the Royal Parcel Guild

Responsible for all Royal and Imperial citizen mail, the MMORPG was founded by Prince Liam after Non Arcanis banned magical communication. The messengers of the guild are also trained musicians that provide entertainment along their travels which aids their duties. It is said that many Bards within the order carry a royal token that grants them passage to areas otherwise not permitted to the average citizen.

Monks of the Six Ways

Once an ancient tribe that consisted of warriors who fought the initial Imperial expansion, the Monks of the Six Ways are now loyal followers to the Empire. The six ways that Monks choose to focus upon are: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. The Monks happily serve their charter to guard over the arcane relics thought to be too powerful to destroy within their Shilmata Monastery. The most dedicated of the Monks are said to go through a ritual which means the removal of their eyes, and to forever patrol underneath the Monastery in darkness.

The Covenant of the Fallen

Many Mages now hide in fear of the harsh punishments handed down by Venators for breaking Non Arcanis Imperial law. However, the The Covenant of the Fallen challenges the Venators openly and has even dared to attack the Imperial Keep. The guild actively seeks Mages and Sorcerers who would be willing to overthrow Non Arcanis law. These actions however, have only fueled the severity of the punishments handed down by Imperial authority. It is rumored that the Mage’s guild is allied with the Circle of Thorns and Brotherhood of Copper.


Created by Prince Lucien to hunt and kill all Mages who choose to run from the law of Non Arcanis. Trained in Mercadia, the Venators are stationed throughout the Empire and frequently patrol the roads in search of transgressors. Imperial citizens revere the Arbiters of the Venator guild, who consist of Clerics and Paladins who possess abilities tailored to battling Mages.

Wardens of the Wood

Scribes tell of the Wardens of the Wood to be an ancient order of Druids who once served the Empire during King Karlegmane the first’s rule. The alliance did not last after the first Imperial King it seems as the order was thought to have evolved into the group now known as the Blighters.


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