Glittershard Gnomes

Northeast of Arakahn, on an island of their own, rests the Glittershard Kingdom of the Gnomes. Very careful of who they allow to visit, the Gnomes generally prefer to venture out from their kingdom and make coin by selling their wares all over Arakahn. While the Gnomes do settle and live in various locations throughout the Empire, it has been widely reported that all Gnomes eventually return to their homeland. Even after death, it is not uncommon to hear reports of Gnome recovery groups whose sole purpose is to bring their brethren back to Glittershard.


The Human Empire now reigns over most of Arakahn led by the Empire’s King, Duncan Karlegmane IV. Having defeated the Barbarians of the Jevan Clan, the Western Kingdom of Westhold, and the Hammerfell Dwarves, many believe the Empire’s last enemy fell when the Imperials celebrated their victory over the Orcai. However, with the everyday hunting of Mages and growing tensions with the Glittershard Gnomes, some speculate that it is only a matter of time that the mighty Empire is challenged again.

Kadrith Dwarves

Two classes exist within Arakahn: The surface dwellers, and those who live in the Kingdom of Kadrith within the vast eastern mountains of Kadrith. Not as xenophobic as the Glittershard Gnomes, the Dwarves of Kadrith are still very selective of who they allow to visit their home. Ever since the last Orcai invasion, it has been rumored that the only Dwarves who ever leave the Kadrith mountains are the sanctioned Bards, and the forever banished surface dwellers who Kadrith Dwarves refer to derogatorily as, “Land Skippers”.


Even though they are believed to have been forever banished from the lands of Arakahn, the dreaded Orcai are still icons of terror and whispered to one day return. Known by many names such as the Dark Lords, Shadow Masters, and Demons, the Orcai still exist at least in the current intangible form of fear.

The Halflings

The Halflings of Arakahn don’t exactly seem to have a Kingdom or working state of order among the two existing Halfling Nations of Bella and Jacobi. Possessing hardly any militia, the Halflings do not seem intent on expanding their reign or amassing power. While their Jimfruit orchards yields profitable results, the Halflings continue to live mostly as farmers and rely on their Empire ally to protect their people.


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