People of Note

Imperial Rulers

King Duncan Karlegmane IV
Imperial King, ruler of Arakahn. Resides in the Castle of Creland.

Prince Lucien Karlegmane
Eldest Imperial Prince, ruler of Mercadia and leader of the Venators.

Prince Liam Allastair Karlegmane
Youngest Imperial Prince, ruler of Lantern and founder of the Minstrel Messengers of Royal Parcel Guild.

Countess Evalene Yeaman
Widow to Count Tanris Yeaman, and Countess of Arlo.

Count Corvan Ferris & Countess Kali Ferris
The Count & Countess of Avendale, city of trade.

Count Martus Atticus & Countess Serene Atticus
The Count & Countess of Darkan city, home to the Daigen Guild: Fighters for hire.

Baron Malkar of the Vorn Clan, Collector of Scars, and the Barbarian Lord
The Barbarian Baron, appointed by the Empire to rule over Ergon, land of the Barbarians.

Count Greggis Von Tarkan & Countess Zella Von Tarkan
The Count & Countess of Korhal city, neighbors and allies to the Kadrith Dwarves.

Count Revis Tremont & Countess Delphia Tremont
The Count & Countess of Shilmata city, home to the Monastery of the Monks of Six Ways.

Count Canis Eniugnas
Widower to Countess Victoria Eniugnas, and appointed Count of Tenincrad.

People of Note

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