Tucked away in their vast underground cities of the Kadrith Mountains, the Dwarves tend not to care or even know of the affairs of the Imperial reign. Masters of the forge, and tireless workers of the stone, the Dwarves tend to their own kingdom. Dwarves who venture outside the Kadrith Mountains are often shunned by their families barring them to return. However, Dwarven Clerics as well as appointed Bards often travel between the Mountains and the surface without worry.

Dwarves are known for their grudges, and they don’t easily forget when they have been wronged. “When the stones forget” is a widely used Dwarven expression meaning a Dwarf will forget and forgive just as soon as the stones do. While many despise Elves just because nobles do, Dwarves claim to have a very good reason, yet most will never have the luxury of gaining the trust of a Dwarf to hear it.

Human scribes have theorized it may have something to do with the legend, “Children of the Wood and Stone”, but there are just as many other legends and fairy tales that paint the Elves as the transgressors of some pact made ages ago by the two races. For the limited contact Humans have had with Dwarves, there has never been an account of a Dwarven magic user. Many scribes believe Dwarves unable to cast magic, just as Elves are never gifted with powers from an Idol.


While undoubtedly graceful and generally featuring attractive qualities, Elves are often met with disrespect from other races. At one point, Elves were believed to have a large Kingdom within Arakahn, which as legend claims to have been destroyed during the first Shadow Invasion. Much of the history of the Elves is unknown, and much of the race chooses to live outside human rule.

Those that reside in the Empire usually serve as servants or live in lower class areas of the city as the more privleged ensure the Elves never gain a foothold in Imperium law. Elves are deragatorily referred to by humans as “Knife-ears”, but a popular legend amongst other races refers to the Elves as “Children of the Wood”.

While it may be a crime punishable by death to be a sorceror, Elvish clans who reside in forest villages are often led by an Elvish Mage who is referred to as the Clan’s “Overseer” or “Keeper”. While various clans of the Elves have been known to worship an Idol or deity, there has been no record of there ever being an Elven Cleric. Many scribes account this to the fact that the Elves were once powerful wielders of the arcane and have forsaken their gods to forever be forgotten.


If there is ever a more reclusive race than the Dwarves it would surely be the Gnomes. Which if ever to have met one, one would have to wonder just exactly why. “Curious as a Gnome” is a favorite expression gifted to children who find themselves in trouble often. Inherently possessing magical abilities, which would normally be punishable by death due to Imperial law, Gnomes are known to be curious, and inventive. It is believed that for these very qualities of the Gnome, that the “Shard Merchant Treaty” was enacted in the Empire to allow Gnome merchants safe travel through the Human Kingdom.

The treaty allows Gnomes to travel provided they possess the royal registration. This license allows Gnomeish merchants to sell their goods without penalty regardless of their magical abilities provided they do not teach, or use their magic within the Imperium.

Gnomes that travel outside their homeland of Glittershard are either merchants or outcasts. The laws and ways of the Imperial reign is stifling to the average Gnome.


Halflings are similar to humans in many ways except they are generally half their size. Although not as pointed as an Elve’s ear, Halfling’s ears do have a noticeble point. Halflings are very family and community oriented making it is rare to find them traveling alone. Many halflings are quite content on living in their homeland farming Jimfruit.

Halfling nations, generally not known for their military, were surprisingly very helpful during the Great War. Halflings served as skilled scouts and the Jimfruit trade routes have stood strong ever since the great alliance was forged during the war. Shortly after the war, one of the hafling nations was completely destroyed when Kobolds attempted to harvest the Halfling Jim Fruit fields which proved to be unsucessful. For this very reason, Halflings rely heavily on their neighboring allies for protection over their settlements and Jimfruit fields which seems to have forged strong alliances with every race.


Half-Elves look like elves to humans and like humans to elves (hence their elven description as “Half-Human”). Many Half-Elves hide their Elven features when traveling due to the many grudges held against the Elves for their lack of support in the Great War. Many Half-Elves find it equally hard to fit in with humans as they do when living in an Elven community.

Many claim that the great populace of Half-Elves throughout Arakahn was a result of Elves who disobeyed their clan’s wishes to stay neutral during the Great War. This theory however, has done little to improve the interaction between the other races and the Half-Elves who tend to be treated more like Elves than Humans when it comes to the topic of the Shadow War.


Orcs are remnants of the Great Shadow Invasion that occurred years ago when hordes of Orcai and other creatures descended on the land of Arakahn threatening to destroy everything. Fortunately, the Empire drove back the invasion and defeated the Orcai.

As a result, many of the Orcs that live today are the casted out children of the great war. Orcs have been accepted into society as slaves to replace the newly freed Elves, but other than being allowed to live, they have little to no other rights. If there were a race more looked down on than the Elves, it would be an Orc.


Although short-lived by comparison to the other races, Humans are the most populous. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specializations like other races, they can excel in many areas. Their adaptive nature would explain why most of Arakahn is ruled by Humans.

The Empire, a Human kingdom that reigns over much of Arakahn, is led by King Karlegmane IV. It is through the reign of the Imperials that many believe was what saved Arakahn from the Great Shadow Invasion years ago.


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