Imperial Towns & Villages


South East of Lantern City, this village is home to mostly Elves and Humans, however, even a few surface dwelling Dwarves have settled here. Nothing remarkably to note of Altar except for around the time when Lantern holds its yearly festivals which cause the overflowing travelers to visit Altar for a peaceful night of sleep at its sole Inn, “Dew Drop Inn”. Just north of Altar rests the successful nation of the Jacobi Halflings and their orchards of Jimfruit.


A small town south of the Imperial Capital of Creland. The town was rebuilt during the third Orcai scourge which was said to have totally destroyed Blanberry. Many travelers stop at Blanberry to pay visit to the ever popular “Neversleep tavern”, a tavern that never closes. The business is co-owned between two families, and they also run a successful Inn across the street named “Ever Rest Inn”.


Just a few hours ride north of Mercadia sits the town of Caedra. The nearby western mountains houses a fort where it is said Prince Lucien trains many of his elite Venators. Many surviving families of surface dwelling Dwarves that escaped the Hammerfell kingdom before it fell live among the Imperials here.


A small village comprised of mostly Halflings that sits in the eastern valleys of Darkan. A small Jimfruit Orchard struggles each year to keep up with all of the merchant caravans that pour through Cullen, but most of the Jim fruit production on the Western half of Arakahn comes from the southern Jacobi Halfling nation.


Tenincrad’s largest nearby settlement, a southern town that originally belonged to the Shilmata region during Westhold’s reign. The waterfront quarter of the town houses many Elves who found themselves without families to serve and no where else to go after Elven slavery was abolished. Crime in the Merchant’s Quarter has been lately been demanding more of Count Eniugnas’s focus due to rumors of thugs terrorizing the store owners that do business there.


South of the City of Avendale lies the large village of Fairmarsh. Much of the architecture is reminiscent of that of it’s Imperial founder, Avendale. Bridges connect the sparse solid ground amid the marsh, and much of it’s townsfolk possess small boats to travel along the nearby rivers. Long ago, scribes tell of the area being referred to as, “The Deadlands”. After Imperial rule, the Deadlands were swallowed up by settlements such as Fairmarsh.


A large fishing village nestled north west of Ergon. Merchants and traders usually don’t go as far North West to Handar, but the Shield Fish caught within Handar usualy gets routed through Ergon and passed southwards along the trader caravans where their demand for the Northern fish are met with fair coin.


This small village sits along the border of Arlo and Korhal, just south of the Halfling settlement of Bella. Surface dwelling Dwarves along with Halflings outnumber the rest of the populance here. Rumors of a nearby haunted forest deter caravans from stopping for supplies, but the more daring adventurers claim the whispers of ghosts nothing more than Halfling myth.


Northeast of Korhal, this small town contains mostly surface dwelling Dwarves who have been banished or grew up outside of the Dwarven kingdom of Kadrith. Humans live here as well along with wealthy families of Halflings, and Gnomes but Elves rarely are seen as the town is well known to be ill mannered towards them.


East of Shilmata and just before the border of Avendale, the village of Waybridge can be found. Nothing too reportedly remarkable about the village other than the merchant caravans that prefer the route when leaving Avendale.


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